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Psychic Readings by Amanda

Psychic Readings by Amanda has been providing spiritual guidance to wonderful clients since 2001. While Amanda has studios in both New Hampshire & Maine, she is also able to provide loving support over the phone to cherished clients around the country. Amanda’s expert spiritual advice will help you find the answers you need to live the happy life you deserve. Amanda comes from a family of gifted psychics. Open your heart and your mind and Amanda’s gifts will enrich your existence and set you on a path of enlightenment.

Psychic Readings in New Hampshire & Maine

In a truly powerful psychic reading, strangers who have never meet may realize they’ve never been apart. Amanda enters the lives of her clients much like someone entering an art gallery they’ve never seen before. Clients may bring a picture of someone they wish to know more about, or they may choose to bring nothing at all. Sometimes a specific question may be addressed while at other times a more pressing issue becomes a priority. Every psychic reading is different and focuses entirely on the client.

New Hampshire Psychic Readings
New Hampshire Palm Reading

Palm Readings in New Hampshire & Maine

Clients are often amazed at what can be divined from the lines in their hands. Everyone has different hand prints for the simple reason that everyone is uniquely wonderful. Even the right and left hands of the same person are different from each other. Your singular inimitable essence – past, present and future – all recorded on your hands. Amanda will help you find the answers you seek from the lines etched eternal on your own hands. Every soul is truly unmatched and every client is special.

Tarot Card Readings in New Hampshire & Maine

Someone familiar with mathematics will gasp in wonder at the nearly infinite combinations one can get by merely shuffling a deck of 52 cards. Each shuffle different. Each shuffle special. Now consider a 78-card tarot deck and you begin to see how such a powerful tool in the hands of a caring expert can help you find the guidance you need. Every tarot card reading is distinct because every client is living an unparalleled existence. Amanda is often as amazed as her clients at the end of each tarot card reading.

New Hampshire Tarot Card Reading
New Hampshire Channeling Medium

Medium / Channeling in New Hampshire & Maine

Being able to channel the thoughts and desires of other souls is a remarkable experience for clients. Amanda has the ability to open herself up to the world beyond our own. Sometimes this means messages from departed loved ones, or guidance from the underlying spiritual world that interlocks with our physical universe. A medium has the gift of being able to work as a conduit between the client and the infinite unknown. Answers, guidance, peace, solace. Amanda will help you find what you seek.

Chakra Balancing in New Hampshire & Maine

Inside all of us resides seven chakras. Energy flows through each chakra and gives us the power we need to live our lives to the fullest. Amanda assists in aligning and healing the chakras of her cherished clients. For instance, Sacral Chakra healing focuses on the energy center about two inches below the navel and addresses the emotional issues of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality. Our Heart Chakra is essential to ensuring lasting love, joy and inner peace. Chakra balancing is essential to a balanced life.

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New Hampshire Chakra Balancing

Crystal Bed Chakra Healing Light Therapy

Serving both New Hampshire & Maine

Amanda’s Psychic Readings offers crystal bed chakra healing light therapy, a unique approach to holistic well-being. Clients experience rejuvenation as they lie beneath seven suspended clear quartz crystals emitting colored lights corresponding to the body’s chakras. This innovative modality aims to balance and restore energy flow, promoting relaxation and stress reduction. Contact Amanda today in either New Hampshire or Maine to schedule chakra healing light therapy session.